15 CrossFit Blogs You Should Read


Here is a list of my favorite fitness or CrossFit blogs that I read regularly and post links to on this blog often.  This is not a definitive list, nor is it in any order, but a very good starting point.

  1. The CrossFit Journal – The original source of all things CrossFit.  Some of the older articles are the best (in my opinion)
  2. Breaking Muscle – Great resource for all things fitness. I especially like the featured coaches each month and the workout programs listed.
  3. Eva T – CrossFit celebrity and Olympic Skiier, Eva T’s blog. Health, hapiness and well being.  Great info on sustainable lifestyles.
  4. Barbell Shrugged – Great business information for affiliates and coaches.  Candid, sometimes funny, no BS information.
  5. Starting Strength – Mark Rippetoe. Enough.
  6. Catalyst Athletics – Great resource for all things weightlifting.  Sign up for the Performance Menu newsletter today.
  7. Rx Review – All things CrossFit. Comprehensive news on the Sport of Fitness
  8. Tabata times – More things CrossFit.
  9. Mentality WOD – All things mental as it relates to the Sport of Fitness, Dawn Fletcher is legit.
  10. Mobility WOD – Kstarr. Suppleness served up fresh because every human should be able to do basic maintenance on themselves.
  11. Invictus Blog – One of the most competitive affiliates in the world. High quality info from a great coaching staff.
  12. Wodcast Podcast – Elite Podcast on the Sport of Fitness.  Check them out.  Casual, fun and they ask all the questions you wish you could.
  13. Words With Lisabeth – CrossFit’s Social Media Director is also a very talented writer.  Inspiration and realism in digital form.
  14. Again Faster – Gear, advice, expert articles and all around good people. Check out “Learn” to be better, period.
  15. Lift Big, Eat Big – Great blog on strongman training, lifting big and eating big.


Food for your brain:

What Really Matters to Pat Sherwood” CrossFit Journal article [pdf]