Benefits of Tabata

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Man, I miss workouts like these.  All body weight, relatively higher in volume, intensity through the roof, minimal equipment.  Do you know what this workout is?  When was the last time you did a workout like this? My answer: Yes, and way too long.

These main site benchmark WOD’s are elegant and awful at the same time. For all the reasons above and for the fact that they don’t get easier as you get fitter. This one happens to be Tabata Something Else.  

Fun Fact: Tabata Something Else first showed up on in February of 2005.

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8 rounds of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest of the following movements, with 1 minute rest between movements

Pull ups

Push Ups

Sit ups

Squats (if the air variety)

Score lowest round for each movement.

24 minutes of pure fun!

This workout can be scored two ways, total reps or lowest per round.  The lowest round score is the preferred method, as it will teach you pacing.  Read this The Power of “Tabata Scoring” During Your Workouts.

What are the benefits of Tabata scoring?

Firstly, It gives you a benchmark score to try and achieve or exceed each time you workout. This ensures each workout is at a consistent intensity.

Second, you will develop a personal best score for each of your main exercises. This lets you know if you’re actually getting stronger or fitter over time.

Finally, by knowing your abilities, you learn to pace yourself so that you do not end up not being able to complete all 8 rounds of the Tabata routine.


10 minutes of handstand practice. I love handstands lately.


5 rounds for time

400m run

1 complex (6 dead lifts, 5 hang power cleans, 4 front squats) @155#

Time 16:51 (I think?)