Crappy Posture, Shoulder Pain and How to Fix It

Crappy Posture, Shoulder Pain and How to Fix It

I stumbled upon a few great articles this am about shoulder pain, crappy posture and how to fix them both.  Ever since moving and getting a “desk job”, I’ve encountered shoulder pain and it’s been constant.  Sometimes not as noticeable, other times, very painful.  It could all be linked to sitting more often and in a crappy position for most of the day.

Read the links down below for detailed information on the causes, fixes and preventative exercises.

Here’s a synopsis:

  1. Crappy posture (bent over a computer or desk) is de-activating your posterior chain (traps and lats) and constantly firing your anterior (chest, shoulders), this makes the back weak and the chest strong while keeping your spine and shoulders in a “hunched over” position.
  2. Lack of shoulder stabilization.  Your upper trapezius and the often overlooked muscles of the serratus anterior muscles aren’t working together. The traps are short, tight and overworked.  Your seeratus are weak.  Work on stretching your traps and using stabilization exercises (rings or physio balls) to balance and strengthen your shoulders.
  3. Posture.  Reclaim your posture by learning and practicing the bracing technique outlined in the article.  It’s hard to do!
  4. Use the 7 exercises as a warm up or prep to overhead day, or as a workout on their own.  These will allow you to gradually strengthen, stabilize and correct your shoulder position.

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Had to cut it a bit short today and skip the running portion this am due to time.

EMOTM for 9 minutes

6 hang power cleans @155

max effort strict pull ups (15 unbroken, 5/5, 4/2/2)

Max effort L Sit (from rings, 20 seconds, 10/10 seconds, 10/10 seconds)

Fun, short and intense workout.