Hittin’ it at Home

Had a great little workout today in my living room!

Back to the grind this am and I after Monday being so shitty, I decided to give myself an extra hour of sleep.  So after everyone left for work and school, I hit a 30 minute wod at home.

I was lucky enough that the wod posted was modifiable, so I didn’t even have to think.  It was great.  I also mixed in some gymnastics to warm and cool down.

You don’t always need fancy stuff to get a great workout in a short amount of time.


Gymnasty warm up – front lever practice, joint mobility and handstand practice.

EMOTM (Every minute on the minute) 5 handstand push ups (I did them strict)



strict dips

box jump overs 20″

Time 8:15

Cool down – 3×10 alternating pistols


Pump some jams

Check out this great album, free, on you tube.