Late Night WOD

Arnold squatting

Arnold squatting

I have been struggling with consistency since last week and it’s killing me. I can feel my legs and hips getting tighter.  My feet and calves feel swollen in the morning when I wake up.  I feel old. I hate it.  Tonight, I needed to get out and lift some weights solo style and late (830pm).  I felt weak, but I had to get out and sweat.

Big changes coming this week for me personally.  My son is starting kindergarten this week and that means he’s up and out early, which interrupts my 6am workouts.  But hey, he’s more important then me getting my workout in at the time that I prefer.  So herego, my schedule changes and I need to find a way to continue to fit in my workouts.  That may mean more body weight workouts at home, more running, getting creative and some late nights after I coach to fit in some heavy lifting.

Life and schedule changes can be stressful and disrupt your training.  When this happens to you, like it’s happening to me right now, remember this is only a short period of time that the nice set schedule you used to have is upside down and constantly changing.  It’s more important that you get out and move and lift and do it consistently, then it is to always go at the same time everyday.

Get out side and run, push a car, pick up a rock, climb a tree….it doesn’t matter, go move and have some fun while your schedule sorts itself out.  You’ll be back in the gym regularly in no time, just be patient.


Week 1, day 2 Wendler

Squat 225×6 (way lower then expected)

Bench 165×8 (meh)

Did assistance work as an amrap

10x each for AMRAP in 10 mins

chest to bar pull ups, pistols (alternating), dips, sit ups

4 rounds +1

Ran out of gas which is frustrating because I should be able to kill that wod.  I will live to kill another day. For now, bed.

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