Mobility Thursday


Mobility Noobs

Mobility Thursday tonight at 630pm.  Be there.  We’ll be focusing on the quads, front of the hips and front of the shoulders tonight.  I know you’re still feeling those front squats on Monday and all those box jumps and heavy deads today.  So come on in after sitting on your arse all day and loosen up.

Remember, mobility isn’t once a week, it’s a little bit every day to make serious long term gains.

Mobility WOD:

Test: squat and overhead position

  • Hip and quads: super friend quad smash, knee floss, couch stretch
  • Shoulder: anterior (front) tissue smash, super friend internal rotation mob, banded chest opener
  • Bonus mobs: Overhead tissue smash and one more if we have time.


Week 1, day 4

Power clean – 65% x 3 x 5 (155#)
Hang snatch (below knee) – 60% x 2 x 5 (115#, 95#x2)
Snatch push press + Overhead squat – 70% x 3+2 x 3 (115#)
6 sets; no rest:
5 pull-ups
5 push-ups
5 KB swings (70#)

time 3:57, started to burn around round 5.  Nice little sprint.  Tomorrow is heavy single day and I’m tired.  Going to bed early and looking forward to some rest days.

Finisher: GHD sit ups/back extensions 3×10.

Food for your brain:

The cooldownCrossFit Games

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