Monday Quickie, How Low Do You Squat


How low do you squat?  The answer should be immediate.  Hip crease below the knee.  Why?  Because squatting below parallel will lengthen and strengthen all major muscles in the hips, back and legs.  Heavy and deep squatting also produces a large hormonal response due to the quantity and size of the muscled involved in performing them correctly.

Research shows that the more muscles you engage during training, the more hormones will be released in the body to stimulate growth and recovery. Your body naturally releases hormones such as testosterone and Human Growth Hormone during hard squatting sessions. These hormones will help the muscle fibers in your legs rebuild, recover, and grow bigger. However, the large release of hormones can also help to improve the recovery and growth of other muscles in your body that have been broken down from training.

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Wendler week 2 day 3

Did squats today instead of benching because I felt like it.  I do what I want!

Squats 240#x3+, hit 6. Last week I was only able to hit 6 at 225, so I’m happy with this result.

Did sets of max effort strict pull ups between squats, got 15, 12, 10.

Finished with 3×10 pistols, alternating.


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