Overhead Yoke Carry

On the tails of yesterday’s post about posture, here’s one on midline stability.   If you’ve never done a carry like this, I highly recommend it for a few reasons.  One, it’s fun. Two, it’s hard and that’s a good thing. Three, it makes your whole body strong.

Try it. Start with an empty yoke to see how it feels carrying it overhead. Gradually increase the weight.  Try it for shorter distances and gradually build. Start with 25′, 40′ then 50′. Like Rob Orlando said in the video, you can’t take a breath and loose the midline stability, so I wouldn’t recommend this past 100′, even that might be far based on your experience with this lift.

I am going to try to play around with the Yoke this week if I have time.  I miss strongman class.



Strongman workout tonight, totally unplanned

Overhead Yoke Carry, worked up to 290# for 50′, 3 drops. Was successful @ 245 or 250# for 50′ no drops.  Previous best in January 2013 was 220#

Traditional Yoke Carry, worked up to 420# with no drops. Was starting to feel it in my knees and hips (too tight) so I took it easy and called it there.  Previous best was 450# (2.7x bw of 175#), no drops for 50′ in January 2013, then 450# for 75′ in May 2013, finally 525# in May 2103 (3x bw of 175#).

Conditioning: 200m Atlas stone carry @115#, carried the stone in the gut, bear hug style.  Time, 3:25, No drops, just resting in the lap.