That's a Wrap - 14.5!

That’s a Wrap – 14.5!



I don’t know about you, but I went to bed anxious about this workout.  To most the announcement of 14.5 being thrusters and burpees wasn’t a surprise, but the structure was.  163 reps is a lot of thrusters and burpees to do.  The elite make it look so easy when you’re watching them.  They’re calm, they’re cool, the facial expressions barley change, they never stop moving.  But what every athlete needs to remember is that those were 5 former CrossFit Games champions and they are a hell of a lot fitter then you are.

In thinking about this last workout, my strategy was to move steady and slower but don’t stop.  I tend to do better in longer, paced workouts.  I can be patient and not start out like a bat out of hell and maintain a decent pace.  That’s how I approached it today.

Watching the elite get through this workout in sub 9 minutes last night, I doubled their time for my estimate for completion.  I’m happy to say I beat that estimate.  Time for this workout 16:16. WOOT!

This year’s open I thought was much harder then past years, which is good.  It’s time to move up and onward.  It wasn’t my best performance this year, but given all the other priorities I had going on, I’m happy I got to do all 5 workouts and post a score.  That’s what the Open is all about, participating and having fun.  See ya next year CrossFit Open.

Now, it’s time to sit back, have a beer (or three) and enjoy the weekend!



For time


Thrusters @95# and burpees.

Time 16:16 as rx.

Food for your brain

Watch the archived footage of 14.5, 5 champs in one venue, 3 male, 2 female. Cool to see the battle of the sexes go down.

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