The Front Uprise

I loves slow motion videos on gymnastic movements. By viewing it in slow motion, you get to appreciate the technicality of the movement. Those good at gymnastics, make it look effortless.



Squat 5@70%, 3@80%, 1@90%, 5@85%, 135, 185 210, 245, 225

Not feeling very strong lately, especially with squatting.


6 rounds of 10 push presses @115#, 10 box jumps 24″

8:30, rx. I lost count and did an extra set of push presses.


Sunday Funday

Picked up an old tire and made a sled with tow straps and a bolt in the tire. Dragged Trev+15# around the block for itme. 11:30.  Wow, that was harder then I thought.

100 double kettle bell swings @35# each, not for time.  4×25 wings.