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Tyger River CrossFit, my gym while away last week.

Tyger River CrossFit, my gym while away last week.


Very happy to be home this week, albeit short lived, as I’m in San Francisco next week for work.  Looking forward to getting my hands on some of that Blue Bottle Coffee and delicious west coast seafood while I’m out there.  Maybe I’ll have time to sneak in a visit to my San Mateo box (CrossFit San Mateo) and another one downtown San Fran.


Weekend workout fun at home

Keg complex and a little running.

LSD 15 min run to beach and back.

Keg Complex: 4 rounds not for time of: 5 keg rows to chest, 5 viper presses, 5 keg squats (alternating shoulders) 80# keg of water.

Challenging, but super fun.


Back squats 6×2 @80%, 240#



SDHP @95# and lateral over the bar burpees.

Time 4:30 rx.

Food for your brain

The Family Man article is a great short read. I love the fact that 1. he’s a badass but 2, 3, and 4 a father, husband and holds down a full time job on top of owning the box.  Homeboy is busy to say the least.  But he still keeps his eye on whats important to him.  He loves the sport, but he loves his limited time with his family more.  Personally, I agree and think this is a great rule to live by.  Time is limited and it’s especially easy to let other responsibilities or activities steal that precious time.  Keep your eyes on what important and think about those that impact your life the most.  If they’re happy and healthy, life is good.

“I’m very loud about being a family man,” he said. “This life goes by quickly so as soon as focusing on myself—my training, eating and sleeping—starts sacrificing things that matter most like time with my kids or wife, my multiple businesses or eating chocolate chip cookies, then it’s just not worth it to me.”

“On a recent episode of the CrossFit Games Update, Pat Sherwood called the CrossFit veteran “a dying breed” and “a one workout-a-day guy.”

Family Man CrossFit Games