Wanted to take a post to talk about STR/KE MOVEMENT because they are a young and upcoming athletic line and they doing the right thing.  In fact, I have a code that allows you save 10% on your order and you get free shipping on orders over $150.

Use code: PC101

Not that many people I’ve talked to know about them…yet.  I have talked to a few “in the know” CrossFit folks and they knew or have heard of the brand, but few have actually tried the product.  I have had the privilege of trying both the shoes and tee’s and they’re both great.  I have the interval 2’s and two of the basic tees shown below and I love them both.

The shoes are really comfortable, I mean like crazy comfortable.  They are light, understated in the logo and branding, which I like and they come with different color laces so If you’re feeling jazzy one day, you can switch them up.  The interval 2’s have lots of room in the toe box and are low profile (3.9mm heel rise) which promotes a midfoot strike, which is a more natural way to strike when running.  Check out the tech specs on the shoes below. Note to CrossFitters do not use them for rope climbing, the rope will have a field day with these shoes; general wods are fine. Personally, I’ve run in and wod’d in the interval 2’s and they stand up well to both.  I also love wearing them for around house, running chores and when traveling (my feet swell on the plane and these shoes are still really comfortable, I know TMI).

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 8.27.06 AM        Interval-Technology  20140327_084337


The tee’s are buttery soft and are cut just right.  Meaning the shirts aren’t short in the sleeves or tight in the chest of gut region, so it looks like I’m wearing a shirt that’s two sizes too small.  I wear them often during the day because they look just as good outside the gym as in.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 8.20.05 AM



Active rest day. Maybe a little run in my Interval 2’s and some ab work.  Definitely some stretching and mobilization.