Your Brain on CrossFit

Happy hump day!  Boy this week is putting a hurting on me and I still have a couple of days to go.  All I can think about is this has to be making me better.

Ran across these two articles today and I think they are great so I’m sharing with you.

Food for your brain:

The first article from the CrossFit Journal is all about how CrossFit (and exercise) helps improve brain function and the body of study, and evidence around it.  This is huge.  Kids are the future and they are worth every penny and second of investment.  School budgets are being cut, physical education classes are at risk and the a lot of the curriculum is stale.  They need our help to keep them active, off video games, learning and excelling at learning and life.

“CrossFit is great. It provides the play aspect, certainly the exercise aspect, the connections and the small groups.
When it’s possible, CrossFit classes go outside. They get an element of nature in there … . All of these things are
critical to proper brain development.”…

“We’re geared to be working in small tribes—everyone is supportive, moving together, pitching in, helping those lagging behind to catch up. In hunter-gatherer times, you didn’t want to leave anyone behind, because they had to help out. You needed everybody’s participation,” Ratey explained. “We’re genetically geared for that, and that’s why I believe—what’s happening in our schools that are successful—is they’re using small tribes. They’re using tables instead of desks, working together in units. We’re genetically programmed to do that. We become suboptimal when we’re on our own.”

“Exercise will promote your ability to learn, plain and simple.”

There are so many points in the article I wish I could copy/past the the whole thing here.  They are all so obvious after reading them, it seems odd we go to where we are today in schools.  For the reasons, the kids, in the article, this is why CrossFit is showing it’s ability to be so much more then just a workout program.

Train the Brain – CrossFit Journal (Free Download)

The second article is one everyone should read and practice.  We all need more sleep then we are getting.  5-6 hours isn’t cutting it anymore.  We need 7-8+ to function “optimally”.  Not only are you risking your brain function, but you’re weight and health are at risk as well.  Remember, just like our muscles, our systems are all connected and chain reactions set them straight or take them off path.  Bottom line, put the laptop, ipad, phone away, turn the tv off, close the curtains and get some sleep.

Cheating Ourselves of Sleep – NY Times Blog


Week 1, day 3 of Catalyst cycle

Clean – 70% x 3 x 5 , 165-170#
Clean Pull – 85% (of clean) x 4 x 5 , 205#
Front squat – 75% x 3 x 5, 165-175#

Finished with GH raises 3 sets of 5 reps, the last set was hard and I needed a self assist on the last two reps. I’m doing these more often for my lagging hammies.

and some handstand walking practice.  Walked about 25′.  15′ off my pr of 40′.


Working on tomorrows Mobility wod! Woot!